About Us


We serve a market that values personal wedding photography and films across London and the United Kingdom, handcrafted from their own story in our unique style. We offer boutique film production, that is thoughtful and personal. We strive to put the story first, lay it upon some music and then stitch it together with creatively filmed visuals.

What makes us different?

Well to be honest we are not trying to be different by any means, we are simply applying our approach and looking for an element we believe is present at every wedding, something that defines our product and is summarised in a single word. That little thing we are looking for is … Emotion.
We are intensely passionate about our storytelling through photography and film. We can’t wait to produce something uniquely yours. Everybody loves a great story, can Emotion tell yours?


We have covered weddings across the UK in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Derby and travelled across borders to the Cayman Islands, Morocco, Spain, France and Zimbabwe.
We have documented many weddings in a short space of time Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and more.
Using our time, skill, expertise and investment in technology we set about to create an enduring visual legacy.
We know without doubt that our true passion is storytelling, and a great story is one where you can close your eyes and simply listen. On your wedding day, we promise to be polite, congenial, and professional. You’ve planned this for months, maybe years

Perhaps however there is more to your story waiting to be told, how did you meet, what brought you here to this place today and what will be your journey’s end?

We cherish the honour of being present at your wedding and acknowledge the trust you have given us to document your day. We are respectful to cultures and religions, to you and your families.

Our pledge and promise is to provide you with nothing less than our best.